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GTRE is PowerSpout's southeastern regional dealer and we ship to many states for self installers; we also offer complete installed microhydro power solutions in east TN. If you are ready to save money and make a difference, email or call us direct at 423.422.4348. We'll answer any questions and if you wish, arrange for a GTRE representative to visit your location.

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If you have a flowing stream that has some fall to it, chances are microhydro will work for you. PowerSpout makes different models of turbines that are designed to maximize the power output of your stream.

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water goes in, power comes out

Generate electricity from naturally falling water


Hydropower is simple. Moving water turns a turbine, the turbine spins a generator and electricity is produced. Other components may be in the system, but it begins with the energy already within the moving water. Microhydro is clean, renewable energy from a reliable, secure power supply you can feel good about. With the PowerSpout turbine, you can power an energy-efficient home or business, or run multiple units at suitable sites for larger demands. 

PowerSpout Microhydro in the Southern USA

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